Monday, 17 September 2012

Well we are slowly getting there with the move, I shall be glad when it's all over and things are settled.

We had a great time in London. The Damien Hirst exhibition was very interesting, a bit disturbing with a severed cow head but very impressive. I'm very glad we made the effort to go and see it.

The Pill cabinet reflection.

The butterfly room was great. Butterflys were hatching and flying around. They were so pretty, and one was very attracted to Wes's watch, which he carried around for a while :)

When in London we always go to Wagamamas which i think is yummy. Hmmm noodles :) We went to see Moonrise Kingdom this day which i loved!! I love any film by Wes Anderson and so glad to finally see it in the cinema.

More food at Brick Lane. The food choice is so vast at the markets. This plate was amazing, even though i did eat it sat on the pavement like so many others.

There was loads of cool graffiti around the area, i love this fox.

These were padlocks with couples initials with embroidery hearts on the fence. A lovers wall :) So cute.

I couldn't resist these Hello Kitty vans shoes ;)

We also went to the Harry Potter studio tour on the way to Brighton. I didn't take many photos but loved it. It's well worth a visit!!!

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