Wednesday, 29 August 2012

sorrrrrry ;)

I have been rubbish at posting lately but I do admit it sorry. I have had a lot on lately. My grandad passed away :( which took time to register, well still is to be honest. Also we went to a festival and work has been very hectic with summer hours. Now we are moving and trying to buy a house.....eeek. I am off to London on Saturday for a few days. We are going to see the Damian Hirst exhibition and the Harry Potter studio tour, very exciting times. We are also visitng some friends and also staying with my bestest in Brighton for a couple of days. Can't wait.

I haven't really been that creative lately but i have a new found love for watercolour :)

Here is a close up of my new painting Princess of the hills. Mixed media.

Please bare with me and I will blog when i can, thanks :)

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

A very sad post :(

Yesterday at work i found out that a whale was beached on Carlyon bay. It is the next beach over from where i work in Charlestown. So at around 8pm when i finished, i decided to go and have a look. I was undecided as it is very sad, and the poor thing was very distressed. However i thought that i probably wont ever get the chance again to see a whale. It was a Fin whale which is the second largest animal on the planet!!! This one was 65ft long. It was sadly euthanized as it was too sick to be saved :( Such a sad sad thing to happen as they are such magical creatures :(