Monday, 30 July 2012

Sunday outing.

Wesley and I had a rare day off together this Sunday. So we spent the morning and afternoon at car boot sales. We found a few treasures :) One really good one was at Mabe,a new one for us and we will be going back as it was very busy!! Seeing as we were down that way we went on to Mylor. I don't recall ever going here before. It is a maritime parish and is bounded by water on three sides. So therefore completely packed with boats!!!! It also has a sweet little church.

Even the dogs have life jackets! So sweet.

Next up we went to the Pandora Inn for a couple of drinks at the waters edge. It was so lovely. The Inn had actually burnt down, but is now restored and thriving. We had a lovely dinner and relaxed in the sunshine.

We had some little vistors say hello.

The views were stunning out on the jetty. I definetley recommend a visit on a summers day.

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